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Restaurant Port Aghir


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  • Sarah WADY
    Sarah WADY
    A week ago

    The dishes are good, however the accompaniments could benefit from being improved. The setting is truly magnificent and ultimately compensates. The staff is pleasant and the restaurant was not too busy (period in May)

  • Sabah Sed.
    Sabah Sed.
    2 weeks ago

    Honestly it was great, the setting is already magnificent, by the sea, small port and the fort in the distance, magnificent water. We were very well received. As for the dishes, frankly it was super good (having been in another fish restaurant two days before in Houmt Souk which was a disappointment, this one is excellent!). It was fresh and you could smell it!

  • 박도하
    9 months ago

    Excellent setting for dining with a magnificent view. Good dish, but it's quite difficult to order without the waiter forgetting the drinks or dishes. Forced to re-ask for missing items. Other than that everything else is correct.

  • B. Labi
    B. Labi
    less than a week ago

    Excellent setting coupled with an excellent welcome. The staff is top notch and if you want to enjoy good value for money this is the ideal place.

  • Meriem El Bousaadi
    Meriem El Bousaadi
    less than a week ago

    The setting is magnificent, with the sea, the small port and the fort in the distance 🌊⛵️🏰. We were very well received . The dishes were delicious!

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