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It's a surprising sight: in the largest crocodile farm in the Mediterranean, 400 Nile crocodiles evolve in a setting that reconnects with the Saharan and African depths of the country, among papyrus, palm trees and banana trees. They laze in the sun in the ponds and the tropical greenhouse before frolicking and fighting for food. A real change of scenery.

An imposing fort evoking desert architecture marks the entrance to the wildlife park. It is to the sound of African music that we let ourselves be guided towards the pools and the tropical greenhouse where swim – or rather laze in the sun – 400 Nile crocodiles, brought from Madagascar. The Nile crocodile is one of the largest species of crocodilians, it can reach, for certain males, up to 7 meters and weigh almost a ton. Its morphology makes it one of the most formidable species.



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  • JNC
    a month ago

    The Djerba Crocodile Farm is a unique and fascinating attraction that is absolutely worth a visit. Upon arrival, one is immediately captivated by the exotic and well-kept ambiance of the place. The main attraction, of course, is the crocodiles. Seeing these impressive creatures up close is a memorable experience. The farm is home to a wide variety of crocodiles of different sizes, and it is possible to observe them in habitats that seem well suited to their needs. The enclosures are spacious and cleanly maintained, which demonstrates the care taken for the well-being of the animals. The farm staff is competent and passionate. They offer presentations and feeding sessions that are both educational and entertaining. The explanations given on crocodiles, their lifestyle and conservation efforts are very interesting and enrich the visit. In addition to crocodiles, the farm also has exhibits on other reptiles and exotic plants, which adds an extra dimension to the experience. The well-marked trails and observation areas make it easy and safe to get around. The Djerba Crocodile Farm is an ideal outing for families, nature lovers and curious people of all ages. It is a place that manages to perfectly combine entertainment and education, providing an unforgettable experience for all visitors. Don't miss this attraction during your stay in Djerba!

  • Rémi SERVANT
    Rémi SERVANT
    a month ago

    Very good places to visit with the family, photos for crocodile meals at 4:30 p.m. and photo with baby crocodile at 5 p.m. Wonderful day and thank you to the welcoming site team.

  • Moca Ppuccino
    Moca Ppuccino
    4 months ago

    It’s a very beautiful place, very clean and with a lot of potential. There are cafeterias, souvenir shops, access to the museum, the crocodile farm with turtles and iguanas and other things. Unfortunately there is no sign (apart from the directional signage) explaining what we see, why it is there or even information on the animals (how they live, how long, what they are). what they eat, etc.). It's a simple walk in a nice setting that can last 5 minutes if you walk and take two or three photos like 30 if you really take the time to wander around. And it is in this lack of information that I am disappointed

  • Thierry GOMEZ
    Thierry GOMEZ
    3 months ago

    Magnificent visit including access to the park, museums and a walk in the gardens. Free parking at the entrance. Ticket price 32.5 dinars per adult. To do the entire park it takes between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes. Perfect for family. The crocodiles are truly impressive.

  • Sarah WADY
    Sarah WADY
    2 months ago

    We enjoyed discovering these crocodiles. However, we lacked information regarding the specificities of this species. It's a shame considering that this park is dedicated to this animal. We also noted the smallness of the spaces given the high population of crocodiles, which made me wonder about the conditions of these animals: Nevertheless the staff is really very caring and attentive

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