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Discover the craftsmanship of Djerba, a unique and creative know-how

Discover the craftsmanship of Djerba, a unique and creative know-how

Djerba's craftsmanship is rich and diverse, reflecting the cultural influences and traditions of the island. The craftsmen of Djerba are renowned for their know-how and their creativity, and their work is highly appreciated by visitors to the island.

Among the specialties of Djerba's crafts are hand-woven carpets, embroidered cushions, wicker baskets, pottery and silver objects. The island's craftsmen are also known for their skill in woodworking, and many wooden decorative items are produced on the island.

The medina of Houmt Souk, the main town of the island, is the ideal place to discover the crafts of Djerba. In the many shops and workshops of the medina, you can buy souvenirs and quality handicrafts. You will also be able to meet the craftsmen and discover the manufacturing techniques of their products.

When visiting Djerba, don't forget to take the time to discover local crafts and support the island's artisans by buying their products. You will be able to bring back beautiful souvenirs from your trip and support the craft tradition of the island.

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