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The gastronomy of Djerba: a culinary journey through Berber and Arab traditions

The gastronomy of Djerba: a culinary journey through Berber and Arab traditions

The culinary gastronomy of Djerba is rich and varied, reflecting the Berber, Arab and European influences that have shaped the history of the island.

The traditional dishes of Djerba are mainly based on fresh fish and vegetables, cooked in a simple but tasty way. Couscous, an emblematic dish of the region, is prepared with fish or meat and accompanied by vegetables and a spicy sauce. The tajine, another flagship dish of Tunisian cuisine, is also very popular in Djerba, with its meats and vegetables steamed in an earthenware dish.

Sweets lovers will not be disappointed either, with a wide range of traditional pastries made with honey, dates and nuts, such as baklawa, kaab el ghzal or halwa. Watermelon, very abundant in Djerba, is also often used in desserts, such as watermelon sorbet or freshly squeezed watermelon juice.

Local products are also showcased in the island's traditional markets, where you can taste delicious olives, cheeses and cured meats. Wines and beers produced on the island are also highly regarded, providing a refreshing alternative to traditional sugary drinks.

Finally, it is impossible to talk about the gastronomy of Djerba without mentioning the mint teas, served everywhere on the island and considered as a real institution. Savor them as an accompaniment to oriental sweets for a complete culinary experience.

In summary, the gastronomy of Djerba is a real invitation to travel, mixing the influences of North Africa and Europe in a range of tasty and authentic dishes. Do not hesitate to taste the local specialties during your stay on the island, you will not be disappointed!

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