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If there is a place not to be missed, and that you absolutely must visit in Djerba. This is the BEN AYED Palace, one of the wonders of Djerbian heritage!

The castle, haunted by history, built by General and Caid of Aradh Hmida BEN AYED around 1780. The BEN AYED succeeded each other in the governance of the island of Djerba and more for several generations. The BEN AYED Palace is an integral part of the Djerbian memory and its authenticity.

For its construction, Caid Hmida uses Italian master masons and Tunisian craftsmen.

Inspired by the Medina, it is a real marvel from an architectural point of view. The earthenware of Guellala similar to that of Qalaline was designed especially for the Ksar. The Andalusian mosaics, the Hafsid arcades and the reused Roman columns, the marble slabs and the richly decorated ceilings make it a unique monument that must be visited in Djerba.

Since 2016 the monument has been classified as national heritage. The BEN AYED family has created an association for the restoration of the BEN AYED Palace.

A petition has been launched for the restoration of the Palace for about a year.

And here it is, finally! Little by little, the Ben Ayed Palace is reborn!

The exterior renovation work is finally complete!

"We have done work to refresh and secure the exterior, we are gradually starting work on the inside and we will replace the missing ceramics etc..." informed, the Secretary General of the Association for the Safeguarding of the Ben Ayed Palace Kais Ben Ayed


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  • Mélanie “Mélanie Maïssou” Menard

    This is private property, no visits allowed! There is nothing to see! There is no sign of restoration.

  • Moez Ben Abdallah
    Moez Ben Abdallah
    2 years ago

    The restoration work has just started. It had to be done a little early. But better late than never

  • Atef Habita
    Atef Habita
    3 years ago

    The palace is completely destroyed there is nothing left to see unfortunately it is no longer a historic palace

  • ARVEA Nature
    ARVEA Nature
    2 years ago

    It is private property. Nothing remains of this monument, almost everything is destroyed.

  • nizar kalech
    nizar kalech
    5 years ago

    A neglected historic place which tells the story of the Ben Ayed family its architecture is not like that of the Djerbian houses, it is rather Ottoman with two floors, the walls have graffiti since 2014 as part of the project of Djerba hood, the Ben Ayed family was rich and they occupied political positions by exercising the orders of the Bey with power over the Djerbians who reached the death penalty.

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