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The ethnographic museum of Sidi Zitouni or “Museum of traditional heritage of Djerba” is part of a series of similar projects undertaken by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage Protection for several years. But the policy oriented towards the enhancement of the cultural heritage had started since independence with the option of providing the different regions of the country with museums of popular arts and traditions. At that time, 1969, the choice fell, in Djerba, on the mausoleum of Sidi Zitouni to house the first collections acquired for this purpose. The redevelopment and renovation of the old museum will make it possible to take advantage of this to establish the first stage of a planned cultural circuit on the island. Thus, the museum aims to serve as a platform for the discovery of traditional Djerbian heritage in its entirety such as economic activities, architecture, landscapes, habits and customs... In addition to the exhibition, it provides the information likely to inspire a visit to the island to discover this heritage. It is an essential component of a whole system put in place in the field to facilitate movement between spaces and heritage buildings, their identification and their access. When designing the new museum, it was decided to retain the earlier monuments for their heritage value after stripping them of late additions. The collections, for their part, have been transferred to new premises. This project presents the realization of a certain number of objectives, essentially of which:

– Ensure a permanent action of complete information and communication on the island and its heritage

– Create a reference place for cultural and artistic encounters

– Provide an adequate framework for conferences and debates on cultural or heritage themes

– Make known the cultural heritage of the island of Djerba and go beyond its image of a simple island of strolling and dreams.

– Educate young people and stimulate their interest in heritage and its riches by carrying out activities that increase museum attendance


Free entry is granted to:

– Student card

– Teacher card

– Tunisian Student Card

– Foreign Student Card

– Tunisian journalists

– Tunisian soldiers and law enforcement officers

– ICOM card

– ICOMOS card

– Diplomat card

– Tunisian residing abroad

– Police card

– Military card

– Press card

- Disabled

– Disabled companion

– Children under the age of six accompanying visitors

– Tunisians living abroad on presentation of a valid residence permit

– Cultural, social, sporting or youth associations


Admission is free for residents:

- holidays

– First Sunday of each month

– International Sites Day

– International Museum Day

A discount is granted to:

– Tunisians over 60 Discount 50%


Google Reviews

149 reviews
  • Apomus
    2 months ago

    Very nice museum. Focused on fishing and Djerba crafts.

  • Ben Yaacoub Hamdi
    Ben Yaacoub Hamdi
    3 months ago

    Wonderfully surprised by the quantity of information in the different parts of the museum.. clean and well organized circuit.. I find it meeting international museum standards.. price: 5dt for residents, 8dt for others.. free every first Sunday of the month ..

  • Fabien Habouzit
    Fabien Habouzit
    one year ago

    If you are in Houmt Souk, you must visit this museum. It is modern and the presentation of the costumes, objects and models is very well done. Very beautiful models which allow you to illustrate things well.

  • Mohamed BEN SALEM
    Mohamed BEN SALEM
    5 months ago

    Interesting to discover the traditional heritage and culture of djerba.

  • Sirine GABSI
    Sirine GABSI
    4 months ago

    The museum is very well done and everything is well explained, for young and old alike. I recommend it if you want to discover the real Djerbian culture and traditions!

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